Houses in astrology

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Houses are a derivative of the zodiac or a different portrayal of •
the archetypes
Houses talk about areas of life subject to the luck to which they •
For example, Taurus speaks of the property of money and labor •
and means of existence of the person, so the house belonging to
him stanza) 2( will deal with these ,areas and any star who will stay
.in this house will be affected in one way or another by these issues
Every two hours the stars pass through a house so that each star •
.passes through all the houses during the day

The systems of houses in astrology are equal to 30,degrees and the
number of houses creates the circle of 360.degrees In this ,method the
point of Heaven 's rum can be placed in stanzas-8 11depending on the
geographic location of the .map This is the simplest and easiest method to
Placidus system – This method places the point of the ’heavensrum as
open to House ,10hence attaching importance to the point of Heaven’srum
and its .essence The disadvantage of this method is that in very northern or
very southern geographic locations beyond) latitude 66south or (north and
for people born in the polar environments of the Earth the method is not
.appropriate as the size of the houses becomes unproportional
Koch System – a method similar to the Plasidioso method is suitable for use
in the geographic lines of the State of .Israel This method is therefore used
.by astrologersin the country

The first house

The first area relates to personal focus and new beginnings, since it is a house that opens theastrological .map The house begins from the point of the ,horizon and together with the horizon it
shows the first impression that a person creates in his relationship with .others The first house as a
derivative of Aries representsthe identity of the person and his external .appearance It reflects his
vitality, attitude, and way of dealing with things in .life He also reflects his own instincts and his initial
The second house

The second house is connected to personal capital and property. As a derivative of the domestic ,bull it
representsthe initial connection of man to the physical needs necessary for .existence In Western translation this
house relates to money and ,equity as well as to the resources that a person .has In the development of astrology
over the ,years this house has also received the meaning of self-worth, self-confidence and essential parameters
.for existence
The third house

The third house is connected to the media and the surrounding area. As a derivative of ,Gemini the
house representsthe channels of dialog and communication. While the first two stanzasspeak of basic
existence at the level of needs and ,values the third stanza seeks to establish contact and dialog. The
third house is also associated with classical astrology for brothers and sisters and represents,them as well
as the immediate ,surroundings neighbors and close acquaintance

The fourth house

The fourth house is connected to the ,home family and the image of one of the
parents. As a derivative of cancer, the home representsthe things related to our
first and genetic .identity The parents are represented in this .house While the
Calcithalsistclaim that this house representsthe mother while the tenth house
representsthe father ,figure the astrology of today holds that the mother is
represented by the tenth house because it reflects an educational figure and
pushes the child into .action On the other ,hand there are astrologers who
associate the fourth house with the mother and the fifth house with the father

The fifth house

Like a lion, the king of beasts, looking over his propertyrules creativity, self-expression, recreation, relationships and offspring. house of pleasure because the fifth house revolves around sensual desire as well as pure,kids fun.
The sixth house

is about work, service and health. As a derivative of ,Virgo this
house representsthe work on the way to being .accomplished It is not about
,,career but about the way it is .done The house deals with the work of daily
regular daily functioning as well as an understanding of the body’ssystems and
.their way of ,working hence relates to health and hygiene
The seventh house

The seventh house is about ,partnership ,relationships and .marriage As a
Libra ,derivative this house representsthe other ,half the ,spouse and all that
is involved in relationships and .partnerships From the power of Venus as a
diplomatic representative in ,Libra this house also receives a link to contracts
related to business and ,diplomacy and in classical astrology it also mentions
overt enemies and not just beloved .spouses This house opens on the
western horizon the) descending (horizon and this ruler of the house like the
starsin it can give the full picture of this house
The eighth house

The eighth house is about ,sex ,death and .inheritance As a derivative of ,Scorpio this
house is associated with deep processes of death and .rebirth In this ,house things
related to ,trust working with the ,subconscious personal ,crises and regrowth are
being .examined In classical ,astrology the house describes the money and property of
the ,spouse as well as the inheritance and resources associated with the death of
The Ninth house
The Ninth House is connected to expanding ,horizons to higher ,education and to
countries beyond the .sea As a derivative of Sagittariusthis house is connected with
the processes of expanding horizons by higher ,studies institutions of higher
education and connection to higher spiritual .theories ,Justice as a natural ruler of
this ,house is classically associated with connecting to ,nature to high ,spirituality to
.expanding horizons by studying and traveling the world
The 10th house
The 10th house is related to status in ,society career and .status This house is derived
from ,Capricorn and in the methods of the houses of Palsidiosokoch it was opened at
the point of the sky’s.south The -skyhigh point is the highest point on the map and
symbolizesthe lofty .ambitions ,Therefore the tenth house is connected with ambition
and the ability to reach a high .status Classical in this house represents a ,career a
position at work and in society in .general This house is classically attributed to the
,father but some astrologers attribute it to the mother .figure ,Saturn the natural ruler
of this ,house is associated with places of advancement in a difficult ,way but
.fundamental and connected with an authoritative figure
The eleventh house

is associated with friends and organizations and .unions This
house is a derivative of Aquarius and therefore everyone –it is related to
humanitarian activity as well as to large .society ,Organizations,unions clubs
related to this .house This house also reflects the full belonging to the ,company the
.ability to make friends and friends and the connection with them
The twelfth house

is associated with ,seclusion ,spirituality enclosed spaces and
hidden .enemies This house is the last house and is a derivative of .Pisces
,Classically it is considered one of the most ”difficult“homes on the birth map
and one of the least common coping ,structures as it speaks of closed spaces
,hospitals) prisons, etc.( and represents hidden .enemies This house speaks of
mysticism and spiritual .connection It speaks of things and internal features and
representssubconscious .fears Togetherwith the fourth and eighth stanzas
water) (houses this house also speaks of ,birth since it is the end and after it the
wheel begins .again This house is also traditionally associated with -selfsacrifice
and sacrifice for the community and society as a whol